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Signatus.org is a website devoted to the divulgation and defence of the Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus), a subspecies of the European Gray Wolf. This site is almost entirely in Spanish and there is no plan to translate it to any other language (despite a previous announcement of it been translated into Portuguese).

Signatus.org is not a NGO. The aim of this web site is to serve as a way of spread the knowledge about Iberian wolf, its habitats and the problems involved in its conservation. We do not take part in field research projects, act as tour guides or distribute any printed or multimedia materials.

Spain hosts the largest population of wolves in Western Europe, which live mostly on the North-West quadrant of the Peninsula. The Iberian wolf is strictly protected South of the Duero River, and a nightmare of local laws gives the species different statuses along different administrative divisions.

If you are interested to know what is the current situation of wolf in Spain, you can read the following PDF file in English: Situation of the Wolf in Spain.

2015 update

The wolf population in Spain is of about 2.500 individuals and the Portuguese one is of about 300. Authorities in Spain have repeatedly tried to remove the status of the wolf as a strictly protected species South of the Duero River, while North of the river the killing of wolves continues, both legally and illegally.

The methodology used for the most recent census has been questioned because the estimation of the individuals have been done during the summer, season during which the number of individuals in a pack is higher due to the coming of new born cubs. Authorities have an interest in keeping census figures as high as possible so that granted hunting licenses and official wolf culling can be backed by those figures.

Portuguese authorities got 53M€ from European Union funds to implement a plan for the protection of the wolf and to establish protective measures for the defence of livestock, showing that there are ways of integrated fauna management, other than bullets.

Wolf organizations

If you are looking for a national organization (Portugal, UK, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.) working in the defence of wolf, please follow this link to our link section (in Spanish).

UK visitors please pay special attention to Wolves and Humans, a charity which funds on-site scientific and livestock best-practices research in Slovakia, Romania and Russia.

Visiting Spain for wolf watching

If you are planning to visit Spain for wolf watching, you can contact Naturetrek, which organises tours. Please take into account that Signatus.org does not endorse or recommend any particular tour operator. This information is provided for informative purposes only.

Other tour operators which organise wolf watching trips to Spain, and want to be listed in this page along with Naturetrek and can prove high standards of nature respect are welcome to send us a request message.

If you want to contact us, please send us an email message through the following form.

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